Maui Chest Medicine's founder, Melvin D. Burton, M.D., worked as an internist, an intensivist and a pulmonologist at Maui Memorial Medical Center for the latter 12 months of the 20th century. Prior to coming to Maui, he was a Staff Physician for 7 years within the Pulmonary and Critical Care Department at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard's world-renowned teaching hospital. As an Assistant Professor of Medicine, he also taught pulmonary and cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology for 6 years at Harvard Medical School. At Massachusetts General Hospital, he was Director of the Bronchoscopy Service for 5 years and assistant Director of the training program in pulmonary research with responsibility for direct supervision of pulmonary doctors-in-training and organizing clinical and research seminars. As an author of greater than 30 publications, he was an invited consultant on 2 of the top journals in Chest Medicine. He was awarded a Bachelors of Science in biology and chemistry from Tougaloo College and a Doctorate of Medicine from Brown University.

At the dawn of this new century, Dr. Burton is thrilled to share with Maui his vision and love for medicine in the form of Maui Chest Medicine.